2014. február 2., vasárnap

Secret project

Recovering from my Christmas knitting frenzy I started a new project which is challenging and relaxing at the same time... a huge round throw. It must be finished within two months, (HUH that is a short notice), for the birthday of somebody close. Hopefully he is not that into knitting blogs, so it may be safe to show you some progress photos.

So far I've managed to keep it secret, but I'm afraid that later I will not be able to hide such a bulky thing. You can imagine how big it is as I've already joined together three of the longest cables and I 'm planning to join more as I go along...

As for the technical details (but I'm sure you all recognized the pattern):
yarn: Rial Filati Morbidone
pattern: Westknits, Old Forge

Wish me good luck...

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